Credit Cards that Increase Your Purchasing Power

Having a credit card makes it convenient to purchase everyday items such as gas, groceries, and other goods and services. Beyond convenience, a credit card can help you build credit, earn rewards and cash back, and offer protection against fraudulent purchases.

Apply For A Visa Credit Card

NCCU works with Elan Financial and their suite of VISA and American Express Reward Cards. While the card will be branded with the NCCU logo, it is issued and managed through Elan Financial. When you click the button below, you’ll be redirected to Elan’s consumer and business credit card menu. From there, you can apply for the right credit card to meet your financial needs.
Elan: NCCU

Attention NNU Alums! Through a joint partnership with Northwest Nazarene University, NCCU has created a special NNU Alumni Association card. The button below will take you to the same Elan card options as above, but a portion of the fees collected while using one of these cards is deposited into an alumni scholarship fund for NNU students. This card is branded with the NNU logo, reminding you of your support of future NNU students every time you swipe.
Elan: NNU

Free Credit Reports

NCCU offers members access to a free credit report to evaluate their current financial status. The supplication of a credit report allows you to evaluate your purchasing power when it comes to applying for any one of our loan products. Additionally, a credit report can help you analyze potential improvements in your financial wellbeing to form a long-term financial plan.
Free Credit Report