Saving is Good Stewardship

You immediately start saving when you become a member at Northwest Christian Credit Union. From our youngest members to our strongest ministries and businesses, we offer a variety of savings account options that help you achieve your financial objectives.

All Of Our Savings Accounts Include:

  • Only $5 Minimum Balance required
  • No Monthly Account Maintenance fee
  • Free Direct Deposit
  • Free Shared Branching
  • Free E-statements
  • Each Account Insured for up to $500,000

Interested in one of our Youth Savings Accounts, click here.

Money Markets

A money market account may be a good option for your savings strategy. These types of accounts are best suited for those depositing a larger sum of money and typically comes with a higher interest rate than other accounts. If you're hoping for more profit on your savings through earning interest, a money market account through NCCU is a good choice.

Unlike CDs, where you have to wait to withdraw your funds until the maturity date, you can withdraw money market funds anytime while earning a higher yield than a regular savings.

You can view our most recent money market rates by clicking here.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

NCCU Certificates of Deposit offer great rates and a variety of terms to fit your needs. Whether it's a 6-month CD, 1-year CD, 2-year CD, 5-year CD or somewhere in between, an NCCU certificate of deposit delivers the best CD rates, while only requiring a $1,000 minimum deposit. Your only decision is choosing which CD is best for you?

You can view our most recent CD rates by clicking here.

Please refer to NCCU's Personal Account Rates and Fee Schedule for complete information about each account. All account rates, agreements, terms, and conditions offered are subject to change without notice. For current dividend rates and annual percentage yields, call Member Services at 208.466.0916.