Financial Education Courses

After years of serving our members in every financial arena, we have developed several courses that you can access by contacting your local NCCU branch. Our goal is to equip every member, ministry, and business partners with financial skills that allow them to reach their full potential in Christ. See below for the financial courses offered by NCCU:

Achieving Financial Balance

No matter what season of life we find ourselves in, it is vital to understand how the Lord calls us to be stewards for the Kingdom of God. In order to accomplish this, we must learn to Achieve Financial Balance. This course will teach you what it looks like to put the Lord first, and practice fiscal management on a daily basis.

The Way We Work

This course breaks down how many of us who work typically reside in one of two arenas: Slacking or Workaholic. However, in order to achieve financial balance, we must identify the mission of our work, and how to translate that in a healthy routine that allows the Lord to facilitate our work to its highest potential.

Sale On!

This course breaks down the purchasing process of every consumer, and highlights how we can rely on the Lord to help us become conscious consumers. When doing so we can spend money according to the purpose of building the Kingdom of God responsibly.

Saving the Day

This course breaks down the process of saving money responsibly and ethically. Often times many of us find ourselves either saving too much to enjoy God's creation, or have no savings plan because they assume income will be earned at a later date. It is vital to handle our money according to scripture, so we can steward it for the Kingdom of God to fulfill his purpose!

I Owe, I Owe…

This course breaks down the chokehold that debt holds over everyone of us. This course will help you understand how the Lord views the concept of debt, and how to utilize it to fulfill your full potential in Christ.

Far Better to Give

This course breaks down one of scripture's greatest truths, that giving is more beneficial than receiving. Understanding that this principle is impossible to achieve without the Lord guiding your finances, this course will help you put the Lord first and trust Him when it comes to being generous at the right times to the right people.

Church's Financial Foundation

This course is designed to help ministry partners establish Kingdom driven finances that honor Christ. Nothing is more important to the Lord than utilizing His resources to increase his Kingdom. This course will help you establish an outline of handling finances with care and purpose that the Lord can use to establish the ministry he placed in your hands.