Financial Calculators


How much will my monthly payments be? Calculate
How much can I afford for a vehicle? Calculate
Which is the best vehicle loan? Calculate
Should I take the rebate or special financing? Calculate
Should I pay cash or finance? Calculate


How can I pay off my debt? Calculate
How much will my payments be? Calculate
What is my debt ratio? Calculate
What if I made bi-weekly payments? Calculate


What will my savings be worth? Calculate
How long will it take for my savings goals to be met? Calculate
What will it take to save for a college education? Calculate
What will it take to become a millionaire? Calculate
What is the cost of waiting to save? Calculate
How much more can I save by spending less? Calculate
How will different interest rates affect savings? Calculate


What will my monthly mortgage payment be? Calculate
Should I refinance? Calculate


Am I saving enough for retirement? Calculate
Should I refinance? Calculate
*These financial calculators are provided to help you estimate the term, amount and monthly payment for various types of loans and investments. Results are estimates only and are not guaranteed. The terms and conditions offered by NCCU will differ and may affect the results of the calculator. If you have specific questions regarding your financial situation, please contact your financial advisor.